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Ignorance of our condition of service will be of no excuse.
Having a web site is one of the most important steps in showcasing your organisation and its products to the world.

At Livingprojects Ltd, a multi-purpose media service provider, we build your web site to the specification and temperament of your business/organisation.

Either way, we will build your site from the start and we guarantee a viewable, most functional and breathtaking site from all major platforms, browsers and screen resolution. We are most confident of positive results for your organisations.

Choose a Web Hosting Plan

::: Silver Plan :::
Silver is designed for the small business entrepreneur that needs more space (MB) on the internet and larger MB/mo data transfer for site that needs to be updated more often. You also get more e-mail addresses for additional employees, representatives or departments.
Under Review. Please check back.

::: Gold Plan :::
Gold is designed to meet the needs of organisations such as churches, music companies and musicians who desire to publish their visions, aspirations, activities and songs on the net. You get all the benefits of Value and Silver with much more disk space, more data transfer per month, more e-mail boxes, plus shopping capabilities.
Under Review. Please check back.

::: Platinum Plan :::
Diamond is designed for medium scale to large businesses, churches, musicians, etc that needs more MB space due to high volume of texts, songs, graphics, catalogues, sleeves, etc
Under Review. Please check back.

Have you thought of having a family web site?

What other medium do you have to transmit family legacy to children unborn? What other fast medium do you have to show family, friends and well wishers in far away lands the recent wedding, naming, dedication, graduation, etc in your family?

Family web site is a very small web site that features:

Domain name:
# Email address:
# Five web pages only:
Home, Contact, Pictures, Memories, Notebook.
Price: $221 (N34,000)

This Is Important
# Interviews to extract editorial contents attracts N10,000.
# Updating: N10,000 (Monthly)
# Upon submission of editorial contents and part payment 70% of negotiated premium, your web site will be online in 15 working days. After which we expect the payment of the balance.

Payment Method:
Customers could pay to our bank account
Name: Livingprojects Ltd
Bank: Ecobank (Former Oceanic bank), CMD Road, Lagos Nigeria.
Account No: 0046076950.

Please call us immediately you pay on these numbers:
Phone Nos:

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