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Testimonies are powerful faith boosters. When you recall what God did for you in the past and how He did it, your faith will be enhanced.
... this website canvasses the use of biblical principles to renovate our work attitudes, money, business and relationship management as a cornerstone for success and fulfillment.
...Our goal is to use the Internet technology to reach 21st Century Christians all over the world with the gospel of Christ as articulated from sermons by Nigerian preachers.
.... for Tunde Babawale, Professor of Political Science.
... giving an ample opportunity to all Nigerian states to showcase their potentials in areas of heritage, festivals, landmarks and tourist appeals on the internet, ...
... this website seeks to keep alive the memories of Nigerian musicians of yesteryears for those who care to learn from the past so as to affect their future.
... our purpose is to help the 21st Century woman move up and be counted as being called to fulfil destiny ...
.... for Biographical website for Mr. Fred Agbeyegbe.

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