Web Maintenance Policy

• Yearly renewal payment is compulsory except you don't need the website again.

• We maintain a current local backup copy of your web site.

• "Maintenance" is defined as keeping the web site current. It is not intended to be a redesign or revamp.

• Updates are completed within 24 hours of the time they are received, even on weekends and holidays. However, updates received after 12noon on weekends and holidays may not be completed until the next business day unless prior arrangements have been made.

• Although we make every effort to make accurate changes, it is the client's responsibility to review updates, notify us of any necessary changes and provide the materials that need to be used.

• Updates should be provided electronically (by email) as much as possible. Attachments should be in .doc (Word) format. Pictures need to be .jpg or .gif. Updates may also be sent by postal mail or by fax. These require retyping data or scanning photos and will cost more to complete the changes.

Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.
… Rom 12:11

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