When I read the About Us page, its great to know that a Great Ife (Alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife Nigeria) is behind all these educative websites. Obafemi Awolowo University is not great for fun. We hope you will join our Alumni Association very shortly. We are proud of you.
Anike Owolabi Williams, Lagos.

You people are doing a great job. Please could you give us the web biographies of people like: Aminu Kano, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Prof. Grace Alele-Williams, Prof. Akinkugbe, Francesca Immanuel, Mama Fela and so many more.
I am resident here in the UK. We want to create some kinds of heroes for our children but there is no info online on some of these credible and noteworthy characters on the internet.
I will appreciate if your company can help in this regard.
Biola Apalara.


I am exceedingly happy to find a Nigerian doing what you are doing. But my question is how do you make money from all these? I know this country and the pastors too well: they all love free things. Does this work put food on your table?
Benin Nigeria.

Thanks Osomobegbe,
God, not work, puts food on our table. Without Him, we can do nothing. Thanks once again.

You are heading towards Guinness Book of Records. Your sites are rare on the internet. I guess
www.elifeonline.net are firsts of their kinds in Nigeria and perhaps Africa. You will be mentioned someday.

I have taken deep interest in the internet. I am amazed that a fellow Nigerian is doing what you are doing, because we Nigerians are known as scammers around the world. Its good to find and know an exemplary Nigerian like you.
On the new work you are on, www.100nigerianwomen.com, please mention my mother. Mrs Olanihun Olatawura, (now late) I will send you her details shortly and will prove she is an exemplary woman.
Tade Olatawura,
Indianapolis, US

You are doing a great work not only for yourself and Nigeria, but for Africa and Africans in general. God will lift up your business and great shall be your reward in Jesus name.
Bola Adeleye.
Plaistow, London


Your plan to do web biographies is great. I like the characters you are working on. These are great people of note, especially General Mobolaji Johnson, first Gov of Lagos state and Professor Akinkugbe who was my VC at a time at ABU. Its like he did not stay too long as VC but we appreciate him so much.
Ismaila J. Okenla.
Maryland, USA.


Please i cant wait for the web biography of the people you are working on. I will also suggest important characters like the industrialists Elizade, Molade Okoya-Thomas, Prof. Akinkugbe, Prof. Adeseye Oguntoyinbo, (the geographer) Harold Sodipo, Wande Abimbola and some more.
Thanks for this lofty intention to create heroes in a country where we have them very few.
John Okon.
Durban, South Africa.


Akinkugbe is a popular in Nigeria. I once worked with Spectrum books, Ibadan in the 80s. That is a familiar name then. Joop Berkout was the MD then. Is Spectrum books still in existence? We hear things dont last long in NIgeria.
Great job to give us bio information on credible characters as mentioned. It will be good for our children to learn the virtures that made them what they are today.
Dr. (Mrs) Mercy Oluwole.
United States.

I appreciate your intentions to put these peoples biographies online. Here in the US, it is fashionable to have websites, documenting info on families, attainments, contributions, etc. There were times i was searching for materials on Wande Abimbola, Ayodele Awojobi, Kwaku Adedevoh, Akinkugbe, Shehu Musa, we could not get anything. This is an information age. Our people back home must learn how to make information available on their contributions. If the government cannot sponsor the websites, they should sponsor it themselves. Its for the common good.
Charles E.B.M,
Chicago. USA.

But for your company and the website you did, i wouldnt have had anything to read on Steve Rhodes. He wuld have did and gone with all information on his conbtributions.

The internet has taken over from books. When books are publsihed in Nigeria, we donr have access to it outside Nigeria. But the website is making things easier now. The web biography is a lofty idea. March on please.
Motunrayo Ige.

Please add Sawaba Gambo, Balarabe Musa, Shehu Musa on your list of online biography.
Farouk Idi Musa.

The websites will cover for the deficiencies of books. When books are published, we hardly see them. The bookshops are dying gradually. The internet has taken over. Great job, great idea.
Shalom, UNILAG.

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